10-week-no-gym-home-workout-planLosing weight can appear daunting while you’ve struggled with maintaining your weight for a very long time.

Part of the battle is making time to get to the gymnasium and exercise repeatedly.

But going to the gymnasium isn’t essential to stay fit and wholesome. In reality, you will get a balanced exercise with out leaving the consolation of your property.

To combat bloating and extreme weight, observe the exercise plan beneath.

As you achieve this, drink tons of water and eat loads of healthy fats, fruits, greens and lean proteins whereas consuming appropriately parts meals and snacks.

At Home Workout Plan

This is the 10-week plan you’ll want to observe:


  • Twenty squats
  • Twenty-five-second wall-sit
  • Fifteen seconds plank
  • Five push-ups
  • Thirty-five leaping jacks
  • Twenty-five crunches
  • Fifteen lunges
  • Ten sit-ups
  • Ten butt-kicks


  • Ten squats
  • Twenty crunches
  • Ten leaping jacks
  • Ten push- ups
  • Twenty-five lunges
  • Thirty-five sit-ups
  • Forty-five-second wall-sit
  • Thirty seconds plank
  • Twenty butt-kicks


  • Fifteen squats
  • Thirty sit-ups
  • Thirty crunches
  • Thirty five-second wall-sit
  • Fifty jumping jacks
  • Twenty-five butt-kicks
  • Twenty-five lunges
  • Forty-second plank
  • Ten push-ups


  • Thirty-five squats
  • Twenty crunches
  • Fifteen lunges
  • Thirty seconds plank
  • Fifty sit-ups
  • Sixty-seconds wall-sit
  • Thirty-five butt-kicks
  • Twenty-five leaping jacks
  • Twenty push-ups


  • Twenty-five squats
  • Forty sit-ups
  • Sixty-second plank
  • Thirty push-ups
  • Thirty crunches
  • Sixty lunges
  • Fifty-five leaping jacks
  • 45-second wall-sits
  • Fifty butt-kicks

On the weekend, relaxation and refuel your power by consuming loads of uncooked meals.

Plus, right here’s a breakdown of how the cardio element of your exercise evolves week-by-week.

During the first week, do 5 units of a 30-second dash adopted by a 30-second jog every day.
Week two: six units of a 35-second dash adopted by a 45-second jog.
Week three: seven units of a 45-second dash adopted by a 60-second jog.
Week 4: eight units of a 50-second dash adopted by a 45-second jog.
Week 5: seven units of a 55-second dash adopted by a 30-second jog.
Week six: six units of a 60-second dash adopted by a 45-second jog.
Week seven: 5 units of a 65-second dash adopted by a 60-second jog.
Week eight: six units of a 70-second dash adopted by a 45-second jog.
Week 9: seven units of a 75-second dash adopted by a 30-second jog.
Week ten: eight units of a 80-second dash adopted by a 45-second jog.