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The film revolves around the story of a young man named Jung-hoon, who travels back home to perform his family heritage’s funeral service. There he gets caught into the life of his uncle, a well-known actor who makes a series of gambling errors that bring down his acting career. As a result of his Uncle’s death, Jung-hoon vows to leave his beloved wife and kids to live on his own until he finds a way to leave his gambling debt behind. However, as he sets out on his journey he must cross into a world that has evolved through technology and has found its own heroes in the form of an army of cyberspace warriors. On his journey Jung-hoon must also find the ultimate cyberspace fighter and find what happens when the two sides come face to face.

Although this movie is only eleven minutes long it is packed with intense content and drama. Watching the trailers of the movie, I get excited at the thought of seeing where Park’s creativity takes the story. In the trailer you can see him hone the special effects of the IPL, and enhance the sound quality of the trailer while using the Kinemaster mobile video editor. It looks as though Park will create another masterpiece with this latest video editing app.

One of the best features of the Kinemaster iOS apps is the easy to use media panel that offers multiple functions to users. There are icons for each type of media that can be edited in the editing area. The right and left arrows will change between selected items, and once you select an item it will expand. The preview pane allows you to view the final result before you publish or share it. You can also preview your work by adding a duplicate of any image in the folder you wish to edit.

With Kinemaster you can easily organize your projects in folders and arrange them according to types of media. To open a project in the media panel, you need only to click on it. You can then drag and drop items from the layers palette to create sub-layers. Once you are satisfied with the changes you can simply save the file and submit it to Video Editor. There are other great features in the app such as the ability to create a timeline with the timeline viewer, and the ability to overlay and split media on your projects.

Kinemaster has a number of plug-ins that can be useful when editing. For example the Transitions Editor allows you to quickly and easily create a transition from one media to another. This way you can apply an effect to a number of images, and even add text to your transitions. It will even allow you to make your own transitions, which are useful if you know some good transitions already, but want to apply them to a number of images. The Effects Editor lets you add various visual effects to your media based on values.

Kinemaster provides a number of useful features for both drag and drop editing including fade in and fade out, scrubbing, and inserting a playhead. Using the Playhead plug-in, you can add a playhead to each of your layers in order to display them as a clip in your application. You can then drag and drop transitions from the Playhead to the Primary Timeline, or place your playhead within the main video track. If you place it within the main video track it will play along with the video.

One of the best parts of Kinemaster is that it allows you to import and edit your videos using one of the most widely used video editing software packages, allowing you to produce professional results in a matter of minutes. If you need a complex yet simple to use video editing software for editing a number of clips at the same time and have limited budget, Kinemaster might be the right choice for you. For anyone who needs editing software with multiple capabilities and a user-friendly interface, this is an ideal app for you to download from the Apple App Store.