Network Security Interview Questions
Network Security Interview Questions

Cyber Security is one of the highly sought-after careers in the IT industry now. The demand grows as the need to get things online increases day by day. It also poses the industry with the major concern of securing data assets to prevent any misuse of data. The increase in cybercrimes has become a threat for major companies, which compels them to hire Cyber Security professionals to secure company assets for business success. So, you can take advantage of this market trend and be a Cyber Security expert. Skim through these top 50 Cyber Security interview questions and answers to prepare yourse

The basics

Every candidate appearing for any cyber security interview needs to know the fundamentals of cyber security. Before entering the interviews, take out the time and prepare a concept note, which will enable you to understand the functioning of various software tools used for cybersecurity. If you want to build upon it and get prepared to meet the next level of cyber security interviews, you can take some guidance from this Cyber Security interview question and answer starter pack. Here are the must-have questions and answer for the cyber security candidates. What is Cyber Security? The term ‘Cyber Security’ is often misused and it does not have any meaning. So, it is better to understand the real meaning of the term and the importance of the job.

Network Security

Your ability to identify threats and respond to them determines how far you will succeed in your professional career. Interviewers will be interested in knowing how you can perform using the existing equipment and manpower for network security. Intermediate Security Questions What is the role of an intrusion detection system in network security? What is a Distributed Denial of Service attack? Intermediate Security Questions How would you prevent a data breach in the network? What are the features of IAM (identity and access management)? Intermediate Security Questions What are the basic steps to defend the network against malware? Intermediate Security Questions What are the basic characteristics of a firewalls?

Password protocols

Downloading files Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Protection methods Information Technology (IT) certificates Database administration SSL certificate Privacy policies Data backup Denial of service Protection methods Basic WAF rules Data protection techniques Protection against viruses Standards Data storage security Data masking Encryption algorithms Search engine security General information security Organizations or application security Protection against network intrusion Anti-spam Updating software SSL encryption Test data set Types of devices and techniques Basic Web content filtering Data encryption Data data management Penetration testing Steps to apply for job of Cyber Security 1.

Protecting against social engineering

Just because you work as a web developer or developer, does not mean that you have no idea about computer security. This is why, most of the times you will be asked these questions during your Cyber Security Interview. How should I make my firewall protect the website if something goes wrong? During your career as a security researcher, you have to do real-time detection. How does prevention of hacking attacks look like? During your career as a security researcher, you have to do real-time detection. Which web vulnerability is considered more serious than other? During your career as a security researcher, you have to do real-time detection. How should I keep my site secure while allowing an infinite number of login credentials?


Encryption refers to a method of changing information from readable to unreadable. In many cases, encryption is used to secure information so that it can be stored and shared in a safe manner. The types of encryption systems are bcrypt, Blowfish, Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), and Cryptographic hash functions (SHA). Interview Question: What is encryption and why do you encrypt your data? Difference between Cryptographic hash functions and Blowfish Interview Question: How would you change a password into a cryptographic hash? Encryption and Authentication AUTHENTICATION or ACCESSIBILITY, is defined as the process of allowing someone into a service or system that they have not yet formally requested. Authentication can be done by giving a username or password.


Cyber security is a hot sector today. You can choose cyber security jobs online for you to easily find the perfect career fit for you. An in-depth cyber security knowledge and skill set is needed to ace your cyber security job interview. The above answers help you prepare for your next cyber security interview to ace it and land your dream job as a Cyber Security expert. Like this: Like Loading…

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