If you might have ever skilled swelling in your legs (or your palms or toes for that matter) you understand how painful it may well grow to be. There are many causes this swelling, referred to as edema, or the retention of fluids within the physique, can happen:

  • A sedentary way of life—sitting or staying in a single place for too lengthy
  • Eating an excessive amount of processed meals and meals excessive in salt
  • Poor circulation
  • PMS
  • Side results of some drugs
  • Pregnancy

Often, a little bit of swelling in your legs may be regular after standing or sitting for the day or throughout being pregnant for instance, however continual leg and ankle swelling—peripheral edema—may also sign a extra critical underlying problem reminiscent of kidney disease, coronary heart failure or liver illness, so it’s at all times finest to seek the advice of a doctor if this swelling persists.

For circumstances of occasional swelling nonetheless, there are natural cures that may be useful for decreasing the swelling and serving to your physique eradicate any extra fluids. One such herb is parsley.

It Used To Be Recommended by Hippocrates


The phrase parsley is definitely derived from two Greek phrases: “petrose,” that means rock, because it usually pops by way of rocky terrain and stone partitions; and “selenium,” the traditional identify for celery. When put collectively, it actually means “rock celery.”

There are basically two kinds of parsley—curly parsley and Italian parsley (flat leaves) which tends to be the hardier of the 2.

While parsley is used as a garnish in virtually each restaurant and residential in North America, most of the time, we have a tendency to choose it off the dish and go away it to the aspect.

But research present that consuming that parsley garnish may also help shield you from a wide range of ailments and illnesses together with, digestive problems, urinary tract issues, menstrual ache, bronchial asthma, allergic reactions, in addition to assist to lower blood pressure, enhance your bone well being, your breath and even assist in circumstances of bronchitis.

In historical instances, Hippocrates beneficial parsley as a common tonic for kidney stones and rheumatism in addition to an antidote for poison. And based on “The Green Pharmacy Herbal Handbook,” parsley is an excellent diuretic that helps the kidneys take away extra fluids from the physique (edema).

Parsley Is a Natural Diuretic

A examine printed in 2002 within the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, confirmed that “parsley acts as a diuretic by inhibiting the sodium and potassium ion pumps, influencing the process of osmosis and increasing the flow of urine.”

Parsley can be wealthy in potassium and since most chemically produced diuretics truly decrease potassium ranges within the physique, parsley additionally assures you don’t expertise this widespread aspect impact of those pharmaceutical medicine.

Another 2009 Brazilian examine titled, “Diuretic and hypotensive activity of aqueous extract of parsley seeds” confirmed comparable outcomes for parsley and means that parsley cannot solely enhance urinary circulate, but in addition lower blood stress as properly.

Parsley Tea Recipe for Edema

According to Dr. John R. Christopher, famend creator and America’s foremost herbalist, you must drink a minimum of two quarts (64 oz.) of sturdy parsley tea per day to realize most outcomes.

You can enhance the quantity of parsley tea to a cup each hour in case you really feel the necessity. When making your tea, nonetheless, he additionally suggests that you just use the “fresh light-green leaves,” together with the roots and seeds, if obtainable.


  1. Chop the leaves and roots into small items (you may also pre-chop the parsley and retailer them in an hermetic glass container within the fridge for as much as every week.)
  2. Place roughly ¼ cup of parsley into an infusion basket.
  3. Pour over a cup of boiled water or submerge right into a tea pot.
  4. Let the combination steep for five to 7 minutes.
  5. Remove the basket or pressure the tea.
  6. Add honey, lemon or ginger for taste if desired.
  7. Always drink parsley tea heat for the very best results.

As properly as consuming tea, don’t neglect to make use of different techniques to reduce swelling reminiscent of elevating your legs by placing your legs on pillows to lift them above your coronary heart when mendacity down.

Also train your legs as this helps pump fluid out of your legs again to your coronary heart.